New Exhibit overview

The original Continuum Exhibit was first on display in LA at the California Museum of Science and Industry in 1978, and came up to the Twin Cities in ’79 touring high profile locations including the top of the IDS, Landmark Center, Pillsbury Center, and was featured for the grand opening months of Calhoun Square in 1984, with support and acclaim from notables like Earl Bakken, founder of Medtronic, and Senator Dave Durenberger viewer response.

Exhibit Flyer - webres - final for French Meadow

Continuum Center expanded into other program areas and in ’87 the exhibit was laid to rest. Now, there’s 40 years’ more research and a remake/update is underway, extending the exhibit into arenas including mental health, addiction, the nature of light, and animal intelligence.



The update, when complete in Nov of 2019, will be 70 panels. If $500K is raised they will be high tech with some interactive. Phase 1 of the new exhibit is a mock-up pf the first 22 panels, art on foam core in standing wood frames . The mock-up of 22 will tour public venues with scheduled speaker presentations and group discussions accompanying a 2-4 week exhibition. Wed, July 31, eleven more panels will be revealed at a dinner event celebrating Continuum Center’s 40 year anniversary, at the Nord Social Hall at French Meadow Lyn/Lake.

Exhibit many panels Kyle closest

Frames by Rick Pinkus; Photo by Patrick Reardon 

The 33 panel mock-up up will tour Aug through Nov when the 65 panel exhibit is displayed as the centerpiece for a conference featuring speakers from the exhibit. The 22 panel mock-up had its debut Feb 2, 2019 at the annual City of Minneapolis Department of Community Relations conference at the Convention Center. We plan to tour the complete exhibit around the country and build copies in other languages to tour internationally. The original exhibit was also on display at Boston City Hall in Dec 1980-Jan 1981, and we are in conversation with the director of art and culture at BCH for a 40 years’-later display in early 2020.

See Panels 1-7

“On these new terms, science no longer upholds a value-empty existence, in which everything, including the human mind, is driven entirely by strictly physical forces of the most elemental kind. We get a vastly revised answer to the old question “What does science leave to believe in?” that gives us a different image of science and the kind of truth science stands for.”  Nobel neuroscientist, Roger Sperry

Sample feedback/impact from the Richard Green Center exhibition:

After viewing the exhibit at the Richard Green Center in south Minneapolis, Lynda invited Continuum Center Executive Director, Jane Barrash, to give a 2 hour presentation to staff and residents at a 40 bed women’s behavioral health center:

Hi Jane,

My personal feedback would reflect the feedback I received from the women there. As you know many of them are victims of domestic violence and abuse. Other instances are profound stories of grief and tragedy. With what you explained to them, and what they were able to practice in the way of the techniques, was life changing for them, as I knew it would be after viewing the Continuum Exhibit.

Other patients reported that prior to being exposed to the information you provided, they didn’t really want to stay sober long term necessarily as they could not see a way to experience life without being threatened by intrusive symptoms and/or thoughts. Many reported thereafter that they can make different choices to better engage their present moment for a desired effect and outcome. The time you spent with us was transformational for, from what I understand, all that were present.

Warm regards,

Lynda Iglesia

Josiah, 12 years old, was most impacted by the panels with information/illustration/stories about the brain, our animal/emotional brain, how animals display bravery, compassion, gratitude and love across species, and asked what if we developed more of our animal/emotional brain?

“What I see is people connecting with life showing that are [sic] brain can do more than we think, like a dog that will risk its self for us. If we can see that as a higher skill set that we can reach the world will not be the same. Animals are heart to heart with us.”


From the director of the Richard Green Center and site host, Cynthia Wilson:

“It was a pleasure to host the exhibit at Central Gym.  Not only did I receive feedback from the teachers, but the students were very glad to see the panels and they have since asked me “where did they go”.  I appreciated the new faces that asked “what’s the meaning of this” then later came back and said, “I can see us all being connected in some way”.”

I would host this again, and I have since downloaded all of the panels into my phone picture gallery, just so I can go back and reflect.  I’m a strong supporter of the exhibit and can’t wait for this phenomenon to transform the world.”

Sample feedback from Jones-Harrison

“Wow. Exciting to see this available to the public. So mind-changing. Cathy Grotenhuis

“This could benefit all people.” Steve Grotenhuis

“Thanks. How powerful this information is.” Stephanie Smith

Oh how magnificent when all humans will understand our universal oneness with consciousness and each other. Thanks. Awe-inspiring.” Scott Simpson

“Wonderful exhibit. I look forward to the remaining panels.” Connie Olson

“So wonderful to see such great ideas all in one place.” Codell Christenson

Next Exhibit Presentation Dates:

Wed, July 31-Friday Aug 2 * Nord Social Hall at French Meadow Café

2610 Lyndale Ave So Mpls * Next 11 panels on display * Open to the public 8am-9pm

Tues July 30 – New panels debut at Continuum’s 40 year anniversary fundraiser dinner

Wed July 31 – 7pm short presentation by Jane Barrash. Exhibit viewing before/after

Questions or to arrange a group viewing – 612.374.4948