Continuum Center is an educational corporation organized to explore the nature of consciousness, human capacity, and the interconnectedness of life, for personal, professional and planetary transformation.
Since 1979 we have worked with leaders of science, medicine, business and time-honored cultures to provide new paradigm programming for corporations, schools, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, correctional institutions, communities and individual development.

Join with us in the exploration of the many dimensions of human brain/mind capacity.“Major problems cannot be solved with the same consciousness that created them.” Albert Einstein

Continuum Center has a range of programs, products and services to help individuals and organizations better understand and operationalize this needed shift in consciousness. We bring forward many forms of evidence that concepts like infinity, consciousness as primary, and a more-than-3-dimensional universe, have very 3-dimensional impact.  Our major “major problems” today are a logical outgrowth of inadequate operating assumptions.  We aim to demonstrate the everyday all-purpose implications of consciousness research in the quantum paradigm.  We need a new paradigm.

Fortunately we have one ready to go.

In the news:

Next Exhibit Presentation Dates:

Wed, July 31-Friday Aug 2 * Nord Social Hall at French Meadow Café

2610 Lyndale Ave So Mpls * Next 11 panels on display * Open to the public 8am-9pm

Tues July 30 – New panels debut at Continuum’s 40 year anniversary fundraiser dinner

Wed July 31 – 7pm short presentation by Jane Barrash. Exhibit viewing before/after

Thurs Aug 1 – 7pm short presentation by Bob Kowalski. Exhibit viewing before/after

Questions or to arrange a group viewing – 612.374.4948

What do North Mpls High School Basketball Players Have in Common with a Maplewood girls’ synchro skating team?

Saturday, April 20, 2019 * Parade Ice Garden * 600 Kenwood Parkway(near Dunwoody College and Walker Art Museum) * 4pm show, 5pm reception tickets $10/$5 for children under 15.

More info and to register

Breaking the Ice 2017


From Worst to First at Mpls North High

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Upsize Magazine – Business Builders

Making the Quantum Leap: Over the rainbow, through the ‘hoods and down the rabbit hole…on ice. A docudramacomedy about figure skating, quantum physics and social change. 8 min preview (2009).

“If I could spend my whole life over again I would spend it studying light.” Albert Einstein

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Please contact us for more information about workshops, presentation, and with any questions or comments: 612-374-4948 or