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Continuum Center is an educational corporation organized to explore the nature of consciousness, human capacity, and the interconnectedness of life, for personal, professional and planetary transformation.

Since 1979 we have worked with leaders of science, medicine, business and time-honored cultures to provide new paradigm programming for corporations, schools, healthcare facilities, correctional institutions, communities and individual development.

Join with us in the exploration of the emerging dimensions of human mind and capacity.



Contact us for more information about workshops and presentations:

612-374-4948 or


125 West Broadway Avenue Mpls 55411






Upcoming Events: 

"First Tuesday" at Bluestem--Tuesday,    April 7,  5 - 10 p.m. An opportunity for professional networking, social connecting and mind expanding with Continuum Center executive director Jane Barrash and other Continuum Center friends. $2 off all drinks!

Discovery of Self (DoS) Workshops--Friday, April 24. 8 am - 4 pm   

Learn a new set of operating assumptions and strategies that can significantly improve the course, content and quality of your personal and professional life! 


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